YOGA Fridays

Free Yoga Session
with Admission

With the start of a fresh decade and our new vision of health and wellness in mind, Premier57 will be hosting a new tranquil, mind& body yoga class. There will be two classes every Friday at different levels,both included with Premier57 admission.

11:00AM | Beginner Level

Lovingly leads beginning or brand-new students step by step through poses with modifications

2:00PM | Open Level

Provides step by step guidance through poses and detailed modifications. Great class for both beginners and whom enjoy an open level class

* Walk-in & first Come First Serve basis
* Up to 15 guests
* General Admission to Premier57 must be paid

Class led by Michael Watson

Q & A

If you have any other questions, please
call (212) 750-8800 or email

Every Friday starting January 17, 2020. One at 11AM & one at 2PM. Each class lasts one hour.

Premier57 9th floor (dining area). The space will be separated from the general area for your privacy.

The 11AM class is for beginners (brand new yoga students to newer yoga students)

2PM is an ‘Open level’ class, for all levels including beginners.

If the slots are available, yes. However, if the slots are full and there are other customers who did not attend the earlier class, the new customers will be prioritized.

Enter Premier57 with general admission ($75). You will be able to check class availability at the reception desk. Reservationsare only possible at the reception desk if you arrive early. (No advance bookings through phone calls or emails).

It is optional. Mats and props (yoga blocks and straps) will be provided for classeson a first come first serve basis.

Guests can wear shorts or leggings during the class. However, at all other times, guests must adhere to Premier57’s dress code.

Only empty reusable water bottles are allowed. Water will be provided on-site.

Michael Watson, who is a registered yoga instructor (300 – RYT).

For more information, please go to his Instagram@belowaboveyoga or

For questions and requests,
please call +1 (212) 750-8800

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