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*full use of the spa facility, glass of champagne & Chocolate covered strawberries




Hammam Ritual

Moroccan-inspired HAMMAM Journey combines ancient traditions.


Onsen Ritual

Japanese Onsen, or hot spring, is known to have healing powers from its mineral-rich water.


Jjim-Jil-Bang Ritual

Traditional Korean body scrub and treatment will cleanse, firm, renew, and soften your skin.



Moroccan-inspired HAMMAM Journey combines ancient traditions with organic aromatherapy formulas for a cleansing and detoxifying experience.  Begin with relaxing foot bath in our Gold suite.  Next, enjoy a private steam sauna to heat up your body for an ultimate detoxification process.  Relaxing and a vigorous scrub using aromatic black soap will rejuvenate your skin and prep your body for a luxurious, mineral rich Bentonite Claybody wrap, which will be followed by a stimulating scalp massage.  Then you will soak in a private Neroli Cypress Mineral Jacuzzi, followed by a heated Cardamom Amber Deep Tissue Massage which will relieve stress and tension. Complete your journey with a Sweet Lemon Firming Cream to protect, heal, and restore your mind, body and spirit.

*A visit to the Gold Room Sauna is recommended after your HAMMAM Ritual for the rest of your stay.

Journey Time- 180 Minutes

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ONSEN Ritual


Japanese Onsen, or hot spring, is known to have healing powers and energize your body from its mineral-rich water.  Your private ONSEN journey will begin with a luxurious soak in a private Mint Mineral Jacuzzi.  Then, you will continue your journey towards the ultimate bliss with a Japanese Bamboo Treatment using natural bamboo and Cherry Blossom oil to stimulate your body circulation.  A traditional Shiatsu Massage will restore balance and energy, alleviate any muscle tension, and aid in overall health.  End your journey with a Yuzu Citrus Blossom Cream that will seal in skin’s softness leaving your skin in a radiant glow.

*A visit to the Chromo Therapy Room is recommended after your ONSEN Ritual to regain energy balance.

Journey Time- 120 Minutes

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Begin your JJIM-JIL-BANG journey by soaking in a Pink Himalayan Salt bath which will prep your skin for a traditional Korean Body Scrub. A unique Korean detoxification and exfoliation treatment that will cleanse, firm, renew, and soften your skin like never before. Your journey continues with AMMA Therapy, an ancient healing treatment over 5,000 years old, which uses Accupressure technique that stimulate and balance the Qi in your body, as well as heal your internal ailments.  Followed by a K-Beauty Facial to revive a youthful glow to your face.  Complete this ritual in our famous Loess Soil Room, the ultimate meditative environment with the soothing aroma of Loess clay, which will help your blood circulation and metabolism.

*A visit to the Himalayan Salt Sauna prior to your JJIM-JIL-BANG Ritual is recommended to soften the skin and begin the detoxification process.

Journey Time- 150 Minutes

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