Korean body scrub

Korean Traditional
Body Scrub

Popular treatment known to all spa enthusiasts. Korean traditional exfoliating process using textured gloves to remove dead skin. It doesn’t only remove the dead skin to a new level, it also improves circulation, tones the skin, stimulates the Lymphatic System and aids in clearing your mind. Treatment requires hot tub soaking prior to service.


Korean Body Scrub

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$95 (30 min)

Basic and simple way to experience the benefits of Korean Body Scrub. Monthly scrub treatments are recommended to maintain the glow and a better complexion of your skin by removing impurities and dead skin to aid skin’s self-repair.

$135 (40 min)

Benefits of all the simple K scrub along with the addition of simple sugar therapy followed by a luxurious million bubble treatment to indulge your body in a cloud of bubbles.

$165 (60 min)

Everything the Korean Body Scrub offers followed by a nourishing oil treatment for your body along with a gentle facial and a hair shampoo. This treatment will leave your skin feeling baby smooth.

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