Difference between
Reflexology and Massage

Although many interchange “reflexology” with “massage,” these are two very different treatments. Reflexology focuses on key pressure points located throughout the hands and feet to target problem areas found internally, using unique micro-movement techniques of the thumbs, fingers, and knuckles.


Healing Zone

30 min / 60 min

Pressure techniques are applied in specific trigger points in chosen targeted area (Foot, Back, Neck or Shoulder) to relax any tense and stiff muscles.

30 min / 60 min

AMMA, an ancient healing system, involves meditative breathing techniques, yoga inspired stretching postures and acupressure massage techniques to restore the balance and energy.

30 min / 60 min / 90 min

An ancient healing system which combines a series of assisted yoga postures and guided stretching with gentle rocking and rhythmic acupressure to relieve joint and muscle tension. Its meditative qualities balance of the body’s energy pathway while improving range of the motions. This treatment is performed on the comfort of an Asian mat in the open area Healing Zone on the 9th Floor.

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