Premier57 Co-Ed Announcement


Management would like to inform our patrons that our men & women spa pools will be combined into co-ed spa pools on January 25th, 2019.

Enjoy our new co-ed spa pool area with your friends, family and loved ones. (Bathing Suits Required)

Our goal is to create and personify unity and a more personal experience for our guests. Showers and locker room areas will remain segregated to ensure privacy.

Why Co-Ed Spa Pools?


We modified our bathing area to allow our guests of all genders to coexist harmoniously in this tranquil, cleansing experience with one another. While a public bathing area may be new territory for many, we assure our guests that this neoteric concept exemplifies the very missing virtue our society needs, unity.

Our goal is to provide this idea of unity to even the simplest actions, such as bathing. With the proper procedures and rules set in place, we affirm that this new bathing area will enrich our guests with a pleasant, yet modernistic experience, while maintaining the highest and safest of standards of our spa. (Bathing Suits Required)


Bathing suit required

in the co-ed bathing area

Use private shower stall
(One guest per shower)

Enjoy co-ed bathing area with your partner
(Hot & Cold tubs, Steam & Dry saunas)


No public nudity

No inappropriate conduct

Keep noise levels to a minimum

No cell phone use allowed

No food and beverage allowed

For questions and requests,
please call +1 (718) 321-2715

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