Body treatment

Naturally Improve
the Condition of the Skin

Designed to naturally improve the condition of the skin and enhance its appearance, each signature treatment includes an in-depth skin analysis to determine the ideal service to suit your needs.


Body Treatments

30 min

This treatment is an express full body exfoliation using Himalayan salt. This treatment will leave your skin smooth by eliminating the dead skin cells and allows the easy absorption of any moisturizing agent for healthier skin.

60 min

A gentle scrub will begin your service. The body wrap will remove excess water from your body and reduce excess water from your body and reduce water weight as well as eliminating toxins. The customized combination of herbs, essential oils, and mud will naturally be detoxifying itself through your skin’s pores.

75 min (+15 min in the steam room)

This treatment is inspired by a Middle Eastern bath ritual. Begin with a 15 detox in a private steam sauna room, followed by a full body exfoliation using black soap which is made from olives and eucalyptus. Complete the treatment with mineral rich mud body wrap and scalp massage.

90 min

This treatment focuses on balancing and calming elements with an Asian twist. Begin with body exfoliation using hat sake and cherry blossom wash, followed by bamboo therapy. Complete treatment with a detoxing body wrap and a scalp massage.

90 min

This treatment focuses on body slimming and firming. It includes body exfoliation, anti-aging serum, detoxifying body wrap and completed with a special massage balm.

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