Healing through Water


Bathhouses have been in existence for almost 2000 years, with the Romans and Greeks at its European forefront, and the Japanese at the Asian’s. The Roman baths in particular, were known to have been extravagant architectural monuments that stood as an essential pillar of society. These were not just places to bathe and heal, but became meeting grounds where business was conducted, social gatherings made, and philosophical discussions exchanged.

Japanese and Koreans were, and still are, known for their bathing culture and dedication to cleanliness. Heated waters are believed to have the power to cure illness, while the bathing ritual itself rids the body of any impurities found inside and out. Frequenting bath houses is still a common activity amongst family and friends.

Bathhouses today still remain more functional than full-of-frills luxurious, focusing on the fundamental traditions of achieving cleanliness and furthermore, health.


Male and Female Water Lounge (Swimsuit optional)
(Located on 8th Floor)

Open daily from 9am to 11:45pm

Why is this area nude?


Since the beginning of the bath culture, clothing was prohibited inside the tubs for sanitary reasons. It was believed that unnatural chemicals and toxins from one’s clothing would be drawn out by the intense heat of the water and absorbed into the pores and skin. As such, for the traditional experience, we encourage our guests to enjoy these water lounges without swimwear.

* However, for those of our patrons who would rather utilize our gender-separated water lounges with swim attire, Premier57 has adopted a new policy, allowing for appropriate swimwear.
Each guest must shower prior to using any of the baths or pools.

Hot, Warm, Cold Baths



It is very important to keep hydrated and remain aware of how your body is handling the heat. There is no universal time limit for exposure in the saunas, as each person’s comfort and tolerance varies. However, it is not recommended that anyone remain in a sauna for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Water Lounge
(Located on 8th Floor)

Open daily from 9am to 11:45pm

Private Korean Scrub Rooms

State of the Art Showers

Styling Stations

Traditional Use

of the Bath Area



Head-to-toe cleanse and exfoliation in showers PRIOR to entering baths.



Emersion in one or more of the heated tubs.
*Heated Baths: Soaking inside heated waters helps open up pores, improves blood circulation of white blood cells, and reduces aches or pains.



Use of dry and wet sauna rooms.



Scrub massage treatment.

*Body Scrubs: Body Scrubs are a traditional Korean practice of cleansing and exfoliation that uses textured gloves to remove dead skin, dirt and oil, while increasing circulation and firming the skin. It is custom to soak in the hot bath to open up the pores and prepare the skin for exfoliation. Therapists proceed with the scrub, which is a fully nude, no-frills service designed purely to cleansethe skin. You will be left soft and detoxified with your skin breathing like never before.



Another shower and/or soaking in heated tubs.



A dip in the cold plunge to close the pores and tighten the skin.
*Cold Plunge Baths: Contrast hydrotherapy is the alternation between hot and cold baths to achieve the combine benefits of differing water temperature immersion. Cold water improves the circulatory system as well as aids in lymphatic drainage. Surface blood vessels constrict and drive blood back into the organs. Short spurts of drastic temperature changes help tighten up the skin, builds up the immune system, and also help rid the formation of cellulite.

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