Salus Per Aqua

Healing Through Water

Bade Pools are Premier’s exclusive spa pools designed to host different “stations” of aqua-jet nozzles that target specific areas of the body.

The nozzles are activated by blue touch dials and automatically shut off after a few minutes of aqua-massage therapy. This unique form of hydrotherapy not only feels blissful, but helps facilitate numerous health improvements and relaxation.


Traditional Baths

in Water Lounge

Bathhouses have been in existence for almost 2000 years, with the Romans and Greeks at its European forefront, and the Japanese at the Asian’s. The Roman baths in particular, were known to have been extravagant architectural monuments that stood as an essential pillar of society. These were not just places to bathe and heal, but became meeting grounds where business was conducted, social gatherings made, and philosophical discussions exchanged.

Japanese and Koreans were, and still are, known for their bathing culture and dedication to cleanliness. Heated waters are believed to have the power to cure illness, while the bathing ritual itself rids the body of any impurities found inside and out. Frequenting bath houses is still a common activity amongst family and friends.

Bathhouses today still remain more functional than full-of-frills luxurious, focusing on the fundamental traditions of achieving cleanliness and furthermore, health.


Wet and Dry

Sauna Rooms

It is very important to keep hydrated and remain aware of how your body is handling the heat. There is no universal time limit for exposure in the saunas, as each person’s comfort and tolerance varies. However, it is not recommended that anyone remain in a sauna for more than 30 minutes at a time.


Reducing Your

Pain and Stress

Through our three different types of relaxation amenities, you will experience not only reducing stress and pain but also stability and peace in you.


Quick Escape

to Paradise

Soak in the warm waters, while enjoying a stimulating aqua-body massage accompanied by a refreshing cocktail. The swim-up bar is the perfect place to laugh with the girlfriends, watch the Cowboys and Rangers game, or just relax.


Enhancing Your Wonderful Spa Experience

with Great Food

To complete your experience, Premier57 offers a variety of food and beverage options. From delicious cocktails by the pool, to authentic Korean cuisine, there are enough choices to satiate your palate.