Salus Per Aqua

Healing Through Water

Bathhouses have been in existence for almost 2000 years, with the Romans and Greeks at its European forefront, and the Japanese at the Asian’s. The Roman baths in particular were known to have been extravagant architectural monuments that stood as essential pillars of society. These were not just places to bathe and heal, but were meeting grounds where business was conducted, social gatherings held, and philosophical discussions exchanged – all cohesive components which help invigorate the body, mind, and soul. Most of the bathhouses were impressively designed and ornately decorated, while still all the while functional.

Japanese and Koreans were, and still are, known for their bathing culture and near obsessive dedication to cleanliness. Heated waters are believed to have the power to cure illness, while bathing rituals would rid the body of any impurities found inside and out. As running water became more common within homes, bathhouses transformed into destinations filled with many accommodations that complemented the bathes.

Premier57 remains true to its core traditions, while adding its own unique and contemporary interpretation of the classics.

The beauty and allure of Premier57 lie in its ability to engage guests to participate in all its cultural features, making the exciting experience of just venturing through the three floors enough to get visitors entranced. Premier57 has allowed for all cultures to open their palates to the unfamiliar, which is the most refreshing part of the experience.